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Unclaimed Crypto Billionaire – Relinko



“C. Z. Zhao” you might have heard this name many times if you are active in cryptocurrency world.

He runs the richest crypto trade exchange “Binance”worth an estimated $300 billion, which is six times the market cap of its U.S. competitor, Coinbase.

His personal wealth net worth has grown to $65 – $74 billion approximately equivalent to Meta Founder Mark Zuckerberg but is not metioned in the bloomberg billionaire index or Forbes billionaire index.


Being raised in a modest background at a rural village in China’s Jiangsu province and was dependent on food rationing even for the meat. Due to Tiananmen Square incident at the age of 12 years migrated to Canada and for livelihood had to work at McDonald’s by flipping burgers and  also refereeing volleyball game. 

Education& Early Jobs

Zhao did his education in Software development and spent sometime workingin Tokyo, Japan and Later in New York, U.S.A

Binance as a Miracle

With the advent of cryptocurrency Zhao, founded the Crypto TradeExachange “Binance” in year 2017. It’s current worth is approximately more than $300 billion and the total transactions took place for the financial year 2021-22 is approximately $34.1 trillion.

Binance is expanding it’s presence globally and trending to be numero one among all the crypto exchanges both in terms of market cap and transactions. The trust level of investor on Binance is unparallel.

Image credit: Binance.com

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