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Comverse – Interactive, participative, Immersive, Remunerative Comic Metaverse – Relinko


Features :

Immersive – 

Metaverse allows the patrons or user to be the part of the comic ecosystem. They can feel as if they also exist there. This immersive nature makes the overall experience quite awesome.

Interactive –

Due to its immersive nature the patrons or users can interact with characters and environment as if they are doing in real world. It allows them to befriend with those characters(super heroes , super villains).

Participative – 

They can also participate in the activities of the Comverse(Comic Metaverse) by sponsoring or funding expeditions or projects exercised by the characters(super heroes , super villains) and their team. Patron or user has a say in the decision making process of the characters.

Remunerative –

After each expedition or project or task the characters and teams will earn remuneration. Since as an sponsor or funder, patrons or users will also get R.O.I  in the form of cryptoassets which he or she can swap with cryptocurrency and finally to fiat currency to be used in real world. So one can earn from metaverse and use it in real world.

Interface Tools And Equipments to Access Comverse :

Haptics Gloves

Gloves with haptic sensors that allow users to experience and feel realistic sense of touch and interactions.


Head mounted device helps users to interact with Metaverse world environment 

Smart glasses 

It enables people to interact with holograms of other people and will work without relying on a smartphone to provide computing power.

Holographics Device

Allows display of images in 3D format in that it doesn’t require the aid of any special glasses or external equipment for a viewer or user to see the image.

Infrastructure to facilitate Metaverse(Comverse) :

5G/6G Network

In the 5G and 6G era, the digital, physical and human world will seamlessly fuse to trigger extrasensory experiences. Intelligent knowledge systems or IKS will be combined with robust computation capabilities to make humans endlessly more efficient and redefine how we live, work and take care of the planet. 

Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax, is the latest generation and standard for wireless internet that replaces the existing 802.11ac, or Wi-Fi 5. 

FOG Computing

Architecture that uses edge devices to carry out a substantial amount of computation(edge computing, storage, and communication locally and routed over the internet system. FOG computing  works closer to end-users and has robust geographical distribution


A semiconductor manufacturing process node or MOSFET technology node that is the successor to the 22nm node. 


A chip-based technology where sensors are composed of a suspended mass between a pair of capacitive plates. It constitute the technology of microscopic devices, particularly those with moving parts.


Metaverse friendly GPU such as Nvidia GTC as well as it opensource platform Omniverse, made for collaborating virtually and working on real-time simulations.

Metaverse Architecture and its Layers:

                                 Fig 1.2- Seven layers architecture of Metaverse

Developing Tools for Comverse :

  1. Spatial Computing Tools

  • Mixed Reality or Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality Tools(Unity etc.)
  • VFX Tools
  • 3D Engines
  • A.I and D.L Models
  • Multitasking U.I
  • Geospatial Mapping Tools

  2. Decentralization Tools

  • Edge Computing
  • Micro-services
  • Blockchain Network.
  • Crypto wallet to hold cryptocurrency as per the Blockchain Network.
  • Smart contract for each application.
  • Native cryptocurrency to do transaction within the metaverse.

Comverse Role Flow :

Comverse follows a subtle path ;

Step 1: Patron or user enters the environment after paying a crypto fee which is native to the metaverse environment which basically depends on the blockchain(D.L.T) network it is using. 

  • The tenure of engagement mainly depends on the amount of fee paid.

Step 2: Patron or user has the options either to be Viewer(Spectator) , Participator(Engager).

  • Spectator- As a Spectator(Viewer) user or patron can only view and experience the expedition or projects or task or situation, carried by the characters(Super Villain, Super Heroes)
  • Participator- As a Participator(Engager) user or patron can engage themselves in the process of expeditions or projects or task or situation, carried by the characters(Super Villain, Super Heroes). They can engage by funding or investing in the expedition and its outcome. As after each expedition the wining characters will receive a bounty which is distributed among each participant as per the range of investment.

Step 3: The investment done by the participator(Engager) is used to buy accessories or weapons or devices to pace up the expedition process. 

Step 4: Spectators(Viewers) on the other hand are allowed to bet on the expeditions or projects or task or situation. This allows them to earn a remuneration in the form of cryptoasset, which further can be redeemed into fiat currency if required.

Comverse System Architecture :

(image courtsey: https://www.sketchbubble.com/)

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