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Terra Virtua and Naseer Azam partner to release Platinum Queen art collection


Limed Edition collection of NFTs from renowned British artists is now available on Terra Virtua

Metaverse platform Terra Virtua announces the launch of Platinum Queen, a unique first collection of NFTs from artist Nasser Azam, celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 years on the British throne. 

To commemorate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service, Terra Virtua is launching the Platinum Queen collection, a unique and exclusive set of 70 Special Rarity 1/1 NFTs by the legendary artist Nasser Azam, on May 30, 2022.

Nasser Azam is a London-based contemporary artist, with an international reputation for producing high-quality fine art. He’s worked on a number of exciting projects which span decades. His work is exhibited in a number of public galleries and in private collections. 

His sculptures include the monumental bronze sculpture titled The Dance on London’s South Bank, and Athena in London City Airport; measuring over 12 meters in height, it is the tallest bronze sculpture in the UK. He’s also completed projects in extreme sub-zero and weightless environments

Platinum Queen is a collection of ten artworks with seven color variations each, all based on Nasser Azam’s 2020 portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The bespoke original mixed-media painting currently resides in the artist’s private collection and is valued at $320,000.

Each 1/1 Platinum Queen artwork features one of 10 different facemasks in one of seven different colors, inspired by Azam’s Antarctica series of paintings. In this special collection, each color represents one of the seven decades of Her Majesty’s rule.

This is a truly historic NFT art collection – and when each variation is purchased, it’s gone for good. 10 x 2D Special Rarity NFT artworks, 7 variations each, 1 NFT minted per variation (total 70 1/1 variations) – $1500 each. 

Artist, Nasser Azam: “With Platinum Queen, I wanted to reflect The Queen’s historic seventy years of reign over the tremendous advancements in pop, art, culture, humanity, science, and technology, and capture her longevity and impact that will be felt for generations to come.”

Terra Virtua CEO, Jawad Ashraf: “Nasser Azam is a fantastic artist with decades of experience in creating incredible work from his base in London. His move into NFTs demonstrates the opportunity for established artists in the world of digital art. We’re delighted to join him in celebrating The Queen’s historic reign and bring this exciting collection to our platform.”

The collection is now available here

About Terra Virtua

Founded in 2017, Terra Virtua is a metaverse platform that provides immersive social, gaming, digital collectible and creative experiences through its curated marketplace, interactive virtual environments, and exclusive brand partnerships.

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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